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Ecuadorian tuna fishermen association joins IPNLF Pole-and-line tuna fishing in Ecuador. (Photo: Cañeros de Manta)

Ecuadorian tuna fishermen association joins IPNLF

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018 09:47
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Cooperativa Cañeros de Manta, an association representing the interests of Ecuador’s pole-and-line fishing sector, has become the first South American fisher’s association to join the International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF).

Established in 2011, the organisation aims to safeguard the region’s traditional pole-and-line fishing method and its marine environment while also generating opportunities for additional employment.

This fishery dates back to the 1940s, but has shrunk considerably in recent decades as industrialized operations have come to dominate the Ecuadorian tuna fishery.

"Together with the Ecuadorian government, we want to build a bright future for this tuna fishery and the coastal community it supports. We are determined to strengthen and grow while raising the profile of our sustainable products in the international markets,” pointed out Augusto López Zambrano, president of Cañeros de Manta Cooperative.

In his opinion, by joining the network of IPNLF members and working with the partnership to achieve these ambitions will provide enhanced benefits to their fishing community.

Through its membership of IPNLF, the organisation joins a growing network of tuna supply chain stakeholders from all over the world that are supporting efforts to enhance the supply of one-by-one caught tuna, and strengthening the value that these fisheries bring to the communities connected to them.

Martin Purves, Managing Director of IPNLF, welcomed the initiative and commented that while this partnership expands their engagement to a new region, the challenges faced by the pole-and-line fishery in Ecuador are similar to those faced by many other one-by-one fisheries in the world.

“Particularly the threat that large-scale industrial tuna fishing operations has on their long-term survival. Together, we will work to ensure that this traditional fishery is recognised as an iconic, sustainable, and socially responsible tuna fishery in South America,” Purves concluded.

Source: FIS

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